GIS Mapping

GIS Mapping :-

Biz-Web Technologies is an organization that strives to be the global service provider of GIS mapping services and solutions. We attempt to provide best-in-class GIS services to companies requiring help in getting spatial information mapped and interpreted. We have cutting edge knowledge of data mapping and feature extraction.

Biz-Web Technologies is staffed by some of the most experienced GIS professionals in the industry. These specialists have extensive experience with all facets of GIS mapping.

BizWeb Technologies is capable of delivering data in any format as requested by client.


• Digitization/Drafting
• Image Processing
• Utility Mapping
• Topographic Mapping
• Geological Mapping
• Orthophoto rectification
• Contour Mapping
• Photogrammetry
• Cartography
• Planimetric feature extraction

Our projects typically involve:

• Digitization/Drafting
• Georeferencing/Geocoding
• Data Attribution
• Image Processing
• DEM/DTM Generation
• Data Format Conversion