LiDAR :-

Biz-Web Technologies provides LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) data processing services for various industries such as transportation, power (electric transmission line),  land use planning, agriculture and forestry. Acknowledgement of LiDAR for topographical mapping, contour generation and highly accurate models and data analysis is higher than ever worldwide.

Biz-Web offers skilled LiDAR, extracting accurate height models in the form of Digital Terrain Models (DTM) and Digital Elevation Models (DSM). Our LiDAR services are useful in Cut and Fill calculations for engineering projects like dams, tunnels and roads modeling systems like oil and gas pipelines for maintenance and status evaluation.

Offering our LiDAR data processing services to some of the leading data collection companies from India, Europe to US and Canada. LiDAR outsourcing services of Biz-Web Technology offers you high quality outputs and helps you leverage your operational efficiency.